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Journalist and author focused on climate change, technology and data visualisation. Browse my projects below, get in touch or find me on Twitter.
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Journalism & digital


I am a consultant editor on the Guardian’s environment desk, where I write about climate change and other topics, explore data and create interactives. I often work on special projects, which have included editing the Ultimate Climate Change FAQ, setting up the Guardian Environment Network, creating a suite of carbon calculators, and overseeing The Manchester Report.


Kiln is a digital journalism company that I co-run web developer Robin Houston. We specialise in creating new ways to tell stories and represent information. For example, we created the first animated interactive cartograms for The Carbon Map and developed an animated graphing tool for Better or Worse. We recently began releasing many of our tools open-source in the form of Talkie.

Books & publishing

The Burning Question

The Burning Question, my new book about energy and climate change, was co-written with Mike Berners-Lee and published in April 2013. The book shows that there are many times more oil, coal and gas in the world’s reserves than we can burn without risking catastrophic climate change and argues that due to feedbacks in global energy use many apparently useful things – such as increasing energy efficiency, building renewable energy capacity and reducing population growth – don’t necessarily slow the rate at which global society extracts and burns fossil fuels. With assets worth tens of trillions of dollars at stake, the book asks what it might take to leave the oil, coal and gas in the ground. What would it mean for energy companies and the global economy? And is there any alternative?


I co-founded an environment imprint at Profile Books and helped create many titles there, including Mike Berners-Lee’s How Bad are Bananas?, Chris Goodall’s Ten Technologies, Jeremy Leggett’s The Solar Century and David Shukman’s An Iceberg As Big As Manhattan. I’m also a contributing editor on Robert Henson’s The Rough Guide to Climate Change, which was shortlisted for Science Book of the Year.

Rough Guides

I have written a number of books for Rough Guides. These have included The Rough Guide to Community Energy, a small, practical handbook about setting up locally owned energy projects; and The Rough Guide to Green Living, which aims to be a non-preachy, thinking-person’s guide to issues around low-carbon lifestyle choices.

Other projects


I'm a visiting researcher at the UCL Energy Institute, part of The Barlett, UCL's global faculty for the built environment.


I helped set up the 10:10 climate change campaign and was closely involved in running it for its first year or two, including developing projects such as Solar Schools and Lighter Later.

Cool Earth

I helped shape and set up Cool Earth, a campaign to protect critically endangered rainforests and support local communities.


My blog – currently fallow but will be rebooted when I have time.



You can email me at info@duncanclark.net. I usually reply to queries promptly.


Find me on Twitter here.

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